Sunday, November 7, 2010

In The Beginning...

In the Beginning there was a mom with a theology degree and two young children who started wondering what it means to have Mary as an example. It's not as if she prayed the rosary. Yet she managed to son of God. How did she do it? And if she could do it in poverty and under Roman tyranny, why do I have such a hard time getting through my day? And do other moms wonder the same thing or are we all just trying to make it to our next cup of coffee?

I think the short answer is that raising kids has never been easy. I also think that modern views about spirituality, motherhood, and women's role in society are unhelpful. No wonder we are so confused.

My working definition of spirituality is our relationship with God. Prayer is not just a recitation of words. Prayer is the conversation. I believe that a mother's prayers are very powerful be it for the safety of our child(red) or for some sleep. If we use this definition then we find that we have plenty of time to pray. My grandmother would pray for her loved ones while doing dishes, folding clothes, and especially dusting. She found that this gave her work meaning. She said that prayer did not always change her circumstances but the change in her attitude did. I believe that if we lead a prayer centered life we will be in a better position to discern God's call in our lives. There is no one right way to be a mother and we will all make mistakes. 

In this blog I will explore how the wisdom of Roman Catholic tradition can inspire and guide me to a deeper relationship with God. It is with this understanding that I will apply the peace and wisdom attained from prayer to my daily life. I invite other moms to take this journey with me and explore how God works uniquely in your lives as well.  I will begin with the Advent season. Let's go!

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