Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Hard Times (A Meditation)

Hello Ladies,

Recently a few of my good friends have asked me about getting through some of the tough times in life by discerning God's will for them. I think that the assumption is that because I have written way too many theology papers that I have gained some wisdom as well as information. Well, maybe. But in answer the following is a meditation that I find particularly helpful.

Close your eyes and relax your breathing.

Imagine being in a place of safety that is totally unique to you. It can be anywhere you wish.

Now imagine that God is near.

God has been there since before time began.

God is present now.

God will continue long after we (and our problems) are gone. You are gone. Your problems are gone.

There is only God.

At this point I feel slightly dizzy and in awe. I need God to be my anchor or I will disappear. Your experience may be different.

Now remember that God loves you so much that He created you to be just as you are in spite of your mistakes.

Stay in that loving presence for a few more moments.

Carry that love with you.

Because, Ladies, we are in a relationship with God. And He continually calls us to be in a deeper relationship with Him. So maybe God isn't asking us to do something. Maybe He is simply asking us to love Him in return.

Sit Deus Nobis! (May God Be With Us!)